Dedicated TWIK Team

Management Team

Our dedicated management team, composed of highly experienced professionals, provides


Lead Teachers: Native English and bilingual (English/Chinese) trained teachers working to establish a positive, authentic bilingual Montessori experience in classrooms. They are culturally sensitive and as a team understands how to co-teach and confident in communicating effectively and dedicated to student success.

Specialist Teachers: Highly-qualified, talented, and innovative teachers working to create a world-class holistic curriculum together for all children.


we work to exceed safety and hygiene standards.


Nurse: Our caring nurse tends to the health, sanitation, and emotional needs of our young learners. Our highly qualified nurse is caring, organized, safety conscious, and highly responsive.

Pediatrician: Our on-campus pediatrician provides comprehensive care for your child and ensures our campus healthcare is of international standards.

Professional healthcare consultants:

Senior pediatricians from our campus Tung Wah hospital offer their assistance to our Health care staff and teachers on campus.


Nutritionist: Our on-campus nutritionist evaluates the quality and nutritional content of meals. Our campus nutritionist ensures our ingredients exceed health regulations and students are receiving high quality nutrition.

Head Chef: Our on-campus head chef carefully designs and develops nutritious meals, skillfully developing a menu from food cultures from around the world and leading his team in kitchen excellence


Our campus includes the latest safety technology including a keyless, facial recognition entrance system, supply call station in the entrance, faculty and staff badge system, 24-hour security guards, access control and visitor protocol, fire alarms, extra locks and intruder alarms during night, and a video surveillance system always accessible through our secure parent portal. All staff and faculty have passed rigorous safety training on-site courses, professional criminal background checks, and detailed reference checks. We pride ourselves in being a prepared campus with lock-downs, fire drills, intruder safety, flood safety procedures practiced regularly. Teachers and staff are also trained to use only Natural Consequences, a safe, positive discipline method.


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